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We here at Matt’s Water Pool Services are here for you and your pool. Our main goal is to help you manage your pool in the best and most effective manner possible. Please use this page, and our brains, as your main resource of information in all matters regarding your pool and its well-being. Feel free to contact us with any and all questions.




Winter is Coming – How to Chemically Protect Your Pool

Winter is Coming! No we don't meant the Game of Thrones coming battles that looms on the horizon. Instead we mean that temperatures are going to drop and your pool chemistry is going to do some funky things. The hardest part about water chemistry is that it changes...
Now Featuring Dr. Dryden’s activate

Now Featuring Dr. Dryden’s activate

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning and getting ready for the summer. This includes getting that pool of yours all ready to be used and abused all summer long. But wait, that water is kind of dirty and you need a filter change. And if you’re...

Now Featuring The Dolphin Echo

Now Featuring The Dolphin Echo

Matt's Water - Newest & Greatest Maytronics: Dolphin Echo Cleaner At Matt's Water we believe in pushing towards the future. This means that we support bringing in new products to the market place that drive efficiency and reduce the cost to our customers. The...


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