It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning and getting ready for the summer. This includes getting that pool of yours all ready to be used and abused all summer long. But wait, that water is kind of dirty and you need a filter change. And if you’re rocking a sand filter, that’s a lot of work. But, lucky for you, we have a solution: Dr. Dryden’s activate. This glass media replaces your sand, zeolite, or that other crushed glass that you might have in there. Dr. Dryden’s activate offers better filtration, it is negatively charged so that it attracts and captures harmful bacteria, and it prevents the growth of bacteria and algae because of its self-sterilizing surface! What’s better, is that this is a one-time thing: this media has a life time warranty if you use Dr. Dryden’s enhance, a liquid UV filter, to promote optimum performance.