Leaves In Your Pool? Protect Your Plumbing & Filtration Lines!

Leaves In Your Pool? Protect Your Plumbing & Filtration Lines!

We all love the transition from Summer into Fall! We’ve all suffered through the triple digit days, lack of rain and constant humidity. It seems like a dream to imagine cooler temperatures and days when we can keep our doors and windows open. Soon we will begin to see those riveting colors of Fall that are soon followed by falling leaves and chillier temperatures.

Although season changes bring a lot to look forward to, it’s not enough to just sit outdoors and enjoy the falling leaves. If you own a home with an outdoor living space, there is plenty of maintenance chores to take care of! Cleaning out gutters, raking and mowing the lawn, freeze protecting your hose bibs and keeping your pool clean – it seems there is plenty of outdoor maintenance required to keep things running smoothly through Fall.

In terms of pool ownership, what does this mean for your swimming pool and can this potentially cost you added maintenance and repair cost? The short answer is – yes, leaves are bad for your swimming pool and they most definitely can elevate your maintenance cost! So what are the cost associated with falling leaves and how can you save yourself the trouble of equipment repair or cleaning of your filtration lines? 

Clogged Lines – Leads to Burned Out Pumps and Broken Filters

Simply put, falling leaves can lead to a host of issues with your swimming pool, including: clogged drains, filtration lines and pumps. Just a handful of leaves in your filtration lines can restrict the flow of your water and reduce the efficiency of your pool equipment. To add a complicating factor to the issue of falling leaves, it’s important to remember that your leaves do not fall at one time. No sir, they take their time! This requires diligence and perseverance to keep allocating time towards keeping your swimming pool clean.

Should too much time pass and enough leaves lodge into your main drain or skimmers, it’s feasible for your pluming lines to become partially or completely clogged. If left un-managed, a complete blockage is near impossible to clear without the assistance of a pool professional. Should your pool equipment turn on during a partial or complete blockage, your pump motor will work doubly hard to turn over your water. This undue stress increases energy costs and could lead to broken or damaged pool equipment.

The truth of the matter is, leaves are sneaky critters to maintain. They often fall all at once or over long periods of time. Swimming pools are havens for fallen leaves and many of our clients don’t have the time in their schedules necessary to keep their pools clear of leaf debris. Because of the risk to your pool equipment and filtration lines, we highly suggest contracting Matt’s Water Pool Services to keep your pools clean of leaves and other fallen debris!

Let Matt’s Water Keep Your Pool Clean!

If thinking of cleaning your pool this Fall is causing your palms to sweat, don’t worry any further! Matt’s Water Pool Services provides superior cleaning services for our clients all year long! Whether it’s chemical maintenance, green to clean services or leaf removal – we do it all! What does that mean for you? Easy pool care with less time outdoors and more time enjoying fun activities with your family!

We all work hard during the week. From long hours at the office, commutes to work, school pickups and drop offs – we’ve all got a lot on our plates. Sometimes it’s hard enough planning our evening activities while cooking and preparing for the next day of work. With so much on your to-do list, don’t add keeping your pool cleaning to it.

Matt’s Water Pool Services is here to help ease the burden of swimming pool ownership. We do this for a living, which means that we can clean your pool while you’re at work. That means your time off work is spent with your loved ones, doing what you love! Sit down and enjoy that favorite TV show or spend time cooking out with your family during the weekend. Let us work hard to keep your swimming pool clean so that you can enjoy the beauty of your pool – without the stress of worrying about potential filtration problems or damaged equipment.

Remove Those Leaves – Prevent The Growth of Algae

Keeping your swimming pool clear of leaf debris also helps in your fight to prevent algae growth. Leaf debris is organic matter – produced by nature. Once introduced to your swimming pool, leaves begin to decompose and release oils and minerals into your swimming pool water.

If not well managed, leaves can introduce a large amount of phosphates into your water. For chemistry nerds, phosphates are algae food. The greater the amount of phosphates the greater the potential for algae spores and subsequent algae formation.

Lastly, removing debris improves the flow of water throughout your filtration lines. It’s essential to optimize the flow of water through your filter. This allows the pool equipment to remove debris and bacteria – leading to cleaner and clearer water. Keeping your pool water moving throughout the Fall and Winter moves is critical to keeping your water clear, safe and healthy!