Now Selling Loop-Loc Safety Covers

The Best Safety Covers In The Industry

Is there anything more important in life than keeping our families and children safe? At Matt’s Water, we provide the highest quality products designed to keep both your family & pool environment safe. To help us with our mission of enhancing our outdoor living spaces, we’ve signed up as a dealer for LOOP-LOC Safety Covers.

LOOP-LOC was first founded in 1978 with five employees. Co-Founder, Bill Donaton, first envisioned the business in 1957 as a way to keep animals from falling into swimming pools, while allowing rain water to pass through. Continuous improvements were made to the product line through the 1970s & 1980s in order to enhance it’s child safety measures. With the introduction of  “LOOP-LOC’s GAPGUARD® and SAFEDGE®, now known as CABLE-LOC™ Child Safety Intrusion Barriers,” LOOP-LOC led the way for innovation in the Pool & Spa industry.

Awarded with Patent # 4,982,457, Bill Donaton helped lead the way for industry-accepted performance standards. Since then, LOOP-LOC has expanded it’s product offering to include Vinyl Liners as well as Safety Covers. It’s all in an effort to provide the highest quality craftsmanship for the most vital components of your swimming pool. Here at Matt’s Water, we have aligned ourselves with LOOP-LOC’s mission of safety & quality. We’re proud to offer it as part of our customer focused initiatives!

We can custom measure a LOOP-LOC cover to fit nearly any pool shape. Here you can see a safety cover installed on a free-form pool. By capturing A-B Measurements, we're able to use a process of triangular to find our exact curvature and get a computer cut. Pretty cool stuff!

We can custom measure a LOOP-LOC cover to fit nearly any pool shape. Here you can see a safety cover installed on a free-form pool. By capturing A-B Measurements, we’re able to use a process of triangular to find our exact curvature and get a computer cut. Pretty cool stuff!

Using The Highest Quality Materials Available

Just how on earth is LOOP-LOC rated the highest quality safety cover manufacturer in the industry? For starters, the primary material is constructed of Polyester Bonded Threads that are 30% stronger than industry standards. Combine this leading material with:

  • Double perimeter webbing
  • Double thick straps
  • 302 stainless steel springs
  • “87% black yard in fabric for added UV resistance,” LOOP-LOC

All of these products are designed to enhance the safety of these safety covers as well as their durability over time. Safety Covers are designed to take a large amount of wear and tear over time. Designed to be put on at the beginning of Fall and and removed at the start of Spring, LOOP-LOC safety covers endure some of the harshest conditions of our fiscal calendar.

Therefore, it’s no wonder LOOP-LOC puts so much emphasis on the types of materials sourced for their safety covers. Because of their investment in their product lineup, that they can offer their industry-leading 15-year prorated warranty.


Elephant Tested & Approved

We love showing our customers the (above) video of Bubbles walking across a LOOP-LOC safety cover. Baby elephants can weight between 200lbs – 300lbs at birth. This provides us a perfect example of your average adult who may stumble upon this safety cover during winter months. Would you also believe that this LOOP-LOC cover is able to retain its durability despite being punctured by the elephant’s tusk during the video?

15-Year Pro-Rated Warranty & Replacement Parts

Despite the LOOP-LOC safety cover being backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty, hardware and components can wear out. Wear and tear is a common part of any equipment ownership, and LOOP-LOC provides a great source for replacing these wear and tear items on their website. Of course, you can also call upon Matt’s Water Pool Service and we can replace any worn items on your LOOP-LOC safety cover if needed.

In essence, LOOP-LOC provides a great amount of support for our safety cover clients. For questions or product maintenance questions, they offer their toll free # 1-800-LOC-LOOP (562-5667). Whether you have a question about setting your cover for Fall, removing for Spring, maintenance, cleaning, repairs or storage – Matt’s Water & LOOP-LOC have got you covered!

Once we’ve installed your new safety cover, we will take care of completing your Warranty Registration Card. These warranty registration cards should be completed within 30 days of your new safety cover installation. It’s our way of abiding by the home owner agreement with LOOP-LOC and ensuring you receive the highest level of support and customer service!

Available in Cover Sizes & Shapes

If you’re not into the standard Green Mesh, that’s fine! LOOP-LOC offers a wide range of colors, ranging from Green, Tan, Black, Blue & Gray. These colors are designed to give you plenty of options for your own design & personal taste. They match beautifully with many types of decking, pavers & concrete patios. For example of LOOP-LOC covers installed in a variety of job sites, feel free to browse this gallery of installations.

Trust Matt’s Water With Your Pool Safety

At Matt’s Water, our business is keeping you and your family safe! It’s also, enhancing your backyard lifestyle and providing you with products and services to enhance that lifestyle. We want all of our customers to remember the joy of being outdoors. We also believe that our backyards are wonderful outdoor spaces that we can make our own with our own personalities and design preferences. Therefore, why trust anyone other the industry-leading professionals with the care and treatment of your outdoor living spaces.

We offer a wide range of services that complete any outdoor new construction & renovation job. For more information, we’ve included some links below to our products and services pages. Read on and find out just how much we can do for you!

Therefore, if you’ve got a backyard renovation project in mind or your looking to create something entirely new, give us a call! We’re here to meet your needs and provide you with a backyard lifestyle that your sure to love and enjoy!